Great Orators was founded by Natasha Cruz - a British trained and accredited educator, after moving to the United States and teaching at the British International School of Houston. Natasha has gained over 15 years of experience and expertise. She has lived in South Africa, England and has traveled widely. Her plethora of personal qualities, combined with her passion for education and training has made her knowledgeable, adaptable and a highly sought after educator, trainer and coach.

Natasha is passionate in her belief that if we truly embrace who are, gain confidence through taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zone, we can live our best lives today. She is based in Houston, Texas where she resides with her husband.


Great Orators offers Public Speaking Programs for all ages. We help to build individual's confidence; enabling and empowering them to use their voice in a powerful way to bring about positive change. 


Confidence is believing in your ability to succeed.  Confidence helps you speak up, step out of your comfort zone and achieve great things.  Your voice can be used to turn your dreams and goals into the best life you could ever have imagined.Being an effective and confident speaker will change your life and position you for success. ​                                 


Empowering you with the confidence to speak up and change your world.


Great Orators KIDS offers fun and engaging public speaking and debating programs to help students improve their communication skills and gain confidence. We offer after school programs, electives and summer camps. 

We empower students with tools to become confident, engaging speakers and provide an encouraging environment for them to apply, practice and improve communication skills.

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