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5th- 8th Grade 

This fun and engaging program teaches kids fundamentals of public speaking and debating. They will learn leadership through effective communication, active listening and argumentation techniques. Furthermore, they learn will work as a team; collect and analyze information; organize and formulate and evaluate arguments.


  • Leadership •Time Management •Organization • Note-taking •Critical Thinking •Voice Elocution •Vocabulary •Body Language •Active Listening •Grammar •Argumentation •Structuring Arguments •Supporting Arguments •Researching Evidence •Writing Persuasive Cases •Drafting Rebuttal Briefs •Organizing Ideas •Delivering Winning Speeches •Standing Up Confidently •Articulating Ideas •Refuting Opposition •Cross-Examining Opponents
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2nd- 4th Grade

This public speaking class is an enjoyable way of teaching kids how to become confident communicators and the importance of effective communication. Through fun activities, your child will be taught how to use their voice, hand gestures, eye contact, as well as, organizing their ideas clearly, in order to deliver impactful speeches and engage with their audience. The encouraging supportive environment provides even the shyest child a safe place to practice and improve.


  • Confidence •Organizing Ideas •Body Language •Critical Thinking •Eye Contact •Active Listening •Leadership  •Vocabulary •Grammar •Voice Elocution •Standing Up Confidently •Understanding Purpose •Delivering Winning Speeches •Structure  

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Natasha Cruz is a trained educator and creator of the GO Kids Curriculum - a fun and engaging public speaking and debating program aimed at helping students gain skills and overcome any fears concerning speaking up and speaking out! Great Orators offers after school programs, electives and summer camps intended to meet the needs of all families.    

Natasha specializes in tackling the difficult challenges that surround speaking and making them both easier and enjoyable to overcome. She firmly believes in her program’s ability to empower students with the necessary oration tools that can open windows and doors of opportunities in their futures.