A fun, dynamic and engaging program for young leaders and future decision-makers. Students will learn the fundamental public speaking and argumentation techniques. Every week they will be taught a new word, a new speaking skill and how to critically analyze and debate about current affairs. This regular practice will enable students to communicate and articulate their thoughts and ideas confidently and clearly. Furthermore, students will learn to give and receive feedback so they always feel proud of their achievements and can pinpoint areas that need improving.                         

Curriculum: •Leadership •Time Management •Organization • Note-taking •Critical Thinking •Voice Elocution •Vocabulary •Body Language •Active Listening •Grammar •Argumentation •Structuring Arguments •Supporting Arguments •Researching Evidence •Writing Persuasive Cases  •Drafting Rebuttal Briefs •Organizing Ideas •Delivering Winning Speeches •Standing Up Confidently •Articulating Ideas •Refuting Opposition •Cross-Examining Opponents

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