• Natasha Cruz

What’s Your Body Saying?

It might interest you to know that UCLA research has shown that only 7% of all communication is based on what we say. Amazing, right? So, how are we getting our points across? The study showed that 38% of our communication comes from our tone of voice and the other 55% comes from body language! That being said, the next time you’re conducting a meeting or speaking to a group, consider these silent messages:

Posture Speaks Volumes. Have you ever walked into a room and immediately figured out who was in charge? Standing up straight, with your shoulders back is a power position. It tells the room, “I’m here to deliver the goods and I know what I’m talking about!”

Look intomy Eyes. Remember when your mother asked if it was you who ate all of the cookies in the jar? You tried so hard to look her straight in the eyes, but you never could pull it off! Adults, whether they are lying or not, tend to try and do the same thing. On average, Americans hold eye contact for seven to ten seconds. Any longer and your audience will start to feel uncomfortable. They may even think something’s wrong with the information you are delivering. In other words, you start to lose credibility. Staring won’t prove your point!

A Genuine Smile Goes Miles. We all have two kinds of smiles. You know what I’m talking about. We have the smile we give the dental receptionist when she says our charge will be $250 for the procedure. And then, there’s the genuine smile that springs to both our lips and eyes when one of our favorite people is on the phone. Allow your audience to see the real you. Prior to the event, think of all the things you are grateful for inside the opportunity you’ve been given to speak. Even if you’re not crazy about doing the job, somebody trusted you! That’s reason enough for a real deal smile!

Nodding is Like Staring. When you nod excessively, you are sending out the message that you’re worried – either about your message or it’s recipient. Do your best to let your audience do the nodding in response to your wonderful remarks.

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