Embracing a Realistic 2021  

Dec 09, 2020

If there is one thing that we’ve all learned in 2020, it is this: Sometimes, bad things just happen. This past year will certainly memorialize the concept, but perhaps, now is the time to make a few proactive plans that prohibit the lostness we tended to feel during this very long year. Let’s decide, together, how we will not only survive, but thrive in 2021. Here are three tips to get started.

Decide NOW what you will focus on in the coming year. Sure, there is still the possibility (and almost a certainty) that unusual events (vaccines?) will continue to occur in the future, but don’t let those things distract you from what matters in your personal life. Take the time right now to think about how you’d like to finish in 2021. Picture yourself at this time next year. What have you achieved? What have you learned? What do you singularly need to chase for twelve months to complete that vision? Jot down your ideas, aspirations and goals. Once you’ve declared those items, you have a target!

 Understand and avoid self-sabotaging behavior. There are certain ways we can prevent ourselves from moving forward. The most common shows itself with the phrase, “I’ll get around to that - eventually.” Procrastination often indicates our own insecurities about a particular subject. Don’t let these inner assumptions overwhelm! Mark the task on the calendar – in red! If need be, grab an accountability partner to help with following through. If neither of those actions help, hire a coach, seek a mentor or embrace any other source to succeed. Don’t let the I’ll-do-it-later statements prevail! Fight back! 

Say YES to any opportunity that feeds your goals – even if you’re uncomfortable, nervous or downright scared! Nowadays, no one can say for certain what success looks like with any confidence. Why? Because we are all in a trial-and-error season. That necessitates stepping out and attempting new things. The ZOOM population has increased exponentially, as has Facebook Live, Teachable and other communication venues. There is still plenty of opportunity for speakers! Make a plan and put yourself out there. 

Life, as we knew it in 2019, is gone. Oh sure, various aspects will return, but new avenues for the speaker have also presented themselves virtually in 2020. It’s time to proactively purpose yourself to take full advantage of both the old and the new in 2021. Start planning your future today.

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