Jan 01, 2019

3 Rs to a Happier New YOU!!

 This year take the time to cultivate and celebrate YOU! The new bold and brave you!

How many times have your New Year resolutions actually come to pass?

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, studies have shown that less than 25% of people who make them stay committed to their resolutions for a mere thirty days. Out of the 25%, only 8% actually achieve them. If you’re in the other 75%, don’t lose hope. There just might be another way.

 Perhaps it’s time for a new approach this year. Throw out the concept of resolutions and, instead, replace it with a series of other R’s! Let’s discuss the first three this month:


The most important step you can take into the New Year is that of self-awareness. Focus on where your true passions lie. What do you want out of life? Where are you in that journey? What is holding you back? Understanding both your strengths and weaknesses are building blocks to a great 2019! 


Few of us are where we want to be at this very moment, but most of us can see at least one step forward towards our dreams. Add on to Step One by visualizing your entire journey…..that’s right…...all the way to the victorious end. Along your imaginary passage, look for ways to reshape your life to better suit the end product you desire to see in 2019.


If you’ve never been to a country, it stands to reason you will have new experiences as you travel. Open your 2019 future in the same way by learning what you need to get where you want to go. See a class that might increase your knowledge in your passion area? Sign up! By stepping into roles that are outside of our comfort zone, we reshape who we are as we head through the year! 

Take some time in January to absorb who you are today, who you’d like to be three, six or nine months from now. Change your life patterns so that they veer in the direction you truly would like to go. Finally, open your mind to gathering all of the experiences and information you can. Next month, we will talk about the remaining four R’s that foster success in 2019! Happy New YOU!

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