Laugh It Up!

Apr 04, 2019

4 Ways you can add humor to your speech!

 Humor can be a powerful tool. If you can get your audiences to laugh a little, several things occur simultaneously. First, you have “friended” almost everyone. Second, your corresponding reactions are likely to be letting go of nervousness, anxiety and your secret wish to be perfect. There is no need to set out to be an expert comic, but causing a chuckle or a smile goes a long way.

 Here are a few tips on how to add humor to your presentations.

 1. Notice what makes YOU laugh. Chances are, most people will find those same things humorous. It’s easier to add a funny joke or story into your presentation if they cause you to smile.

 2. Take a good look at your personality. The goal is NOT to present anything that is out of character. Almost everyone has a certain nature that causes them to make people laugh in certain circumstances. Go with it! This is probably the area where you’ll be most comfortable.

 3. Learn the basic techniques of humor. There are three central areas:

 Exaggeration: The pile of work on my desk was so high that an angel used it to come down and pray with me to get it done!

 Puns (double meanings): Always trust a glue salesman. They tend to stick to their word.

Self-Deprecation: As you can see from my fluffy frame, I consider chocolate to be the new lettuce.

 4. Keep working at it. As with anything else, humor takes time to develop. If you are committed to gradual and steady improvement over time, you will find your presentations will get funnier and the task of coming up with ideas will get easier.

 Adding a little humor to your presentations is simply another component on your journey to being the speaker you want to be!

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