Learning from Others!

Feb 05, 2019

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” Abigail Adams


There is very little doubt that everyone wants to succeed in speaking. The biggest challenge we face is, of course, how to do so. While there are differing ways we can become better speakers, one easy way is simply to learn from those who are already deemed competent. We started 2019 with 3 R’s in January, so let’s continue with 3 more.


Take advantage of Audible, Amazon, the OverDrive Library App or the good old-fashion public library, to name a few resources, to seek out speakers who have confronted similar issues to the ones you deem necessary to overcome. The proverbial saying, “there is nothing new under the sun,” applies to the roadblocks most of us have with speaking. You may be surprised at how you’re not much different than someone you admire!


Youtube and Teachable are only two examples, out of hundreds of sites, offering classes online for just about any price (starting at $0). Consider attending niche seminars and conferences in your area or dare to adventure out and look for out-of-state conferences with wonderful amenities! Why not enjoy your learning experience with new friends? Mingling with others broadens our horizons and expands our communities in ways that move us forward. Be proactive!


To speak well, you must speak, speak, speak…..and then speak more! How do we accomplish this? By taking the plunge and joining groups, such as Toastmasters International or the Public Speaking groups found on Meet-ups. You’ll want to research each group thoroughly. Remember, it’s preferable to attend at least three meetings before you decide whether or not the group is for you. These venues offer multiple opportunities to receive credible feedback and hone speaking skills.

Learning from others does not mean we will never fail. We are human and will never be perfect, but learning from others can definitely improve our success rate, along with expediting the time it takes to master speaking. Let’s make learning a priority in 2019!

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