Public Speaking and Introverts? You Bet!!

Sep 04, 2018

 How in the world can that be? Here are some facts that contribute to the current consensus:

 1. Introverts are typically more empathetic than extroverts.

In other words, they structure their content so that audiences form a deeper connection with both the topic and the person speaking. Also, extroverts must always be careful not to over project (aka…making their speeches all about themselves). Introverts never see themselves as the most important person in the room. They save that honor for others. 

2. Introverts prepare far more than extroverts, who trust in their ability to “wing it.”

An introvert never assumes he/she could wing it on his/her best day. The only viable solution that remains is to be ready! And they take many preparedness details into account that extroverts do not, such as getting enough rest, practicing methods to calm themselves and eating properly. Introverts are usually in stellar condition to speak!

3. Introverts have a far better chance of coming across as authentic.

They tend to believe wholeheartedly in their messages and the audience picks up on their sincerity.

 As an introvert, you are capable of great achievement! You have unique strengths. Rethink the idea that your quiet personality represents an inability. It simply means you have to find the right way to be you! There is an audience out there somewhere just waiting to hear what you have to say.

So get ready! Get set! Speak!

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