Want to speak 

CONFIDENTLY and AUTHENTICALLY engage with your audience?

Position yourself to become a confident communicator, tap into your full potential and live the life you desire.

Imagine if

...you were able to say ‘YES’ to that speaking opportunity.

...you knew how to communicate your value & expertise to potential clients, and get paid what you deserve without fear of rejection.

... you were able to articulate your wisdom and knowledge with others and finally be recognized for your hard-work, skills and talent.

... you were able to ENJOY public speaking and not endure it.

... you were free to choose the life you want rather than living in the confines and limitations of fear.

… you were able to fulfill your true potential in every area of your life.

...you were able to persuade, inform and easily engage with your audience. 

...you were able to captivate and compel an audience.

… you were able to deliver important information in an easy to digest and memorable way.

...you were able to help more people by sharing your message and become more influential in your field of expertise. 

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Public Speaker Accelerator MasterClass is a 12 -month, step-by-step program that will help you overcome your fears and anxiety with public speaking and accelerate your journey to becoming a CONFIDENT SPEAKER.  You will start to feel your confidence growing immediately because of the support and encouragement you will receive.

Regardless of your past experience, … this MasterClass is here to give you the blueprint to take the first step to breaking barriers that have been limiting you and speaking boldly to an audience. All without any mind games or hypnosis. 

You will be learning a tried and tested, fail-proof method that has been developed by a trained educator - your coach and mentor, Natasha Cruz. 

When you join the MasterClass, in the initial one-to-one coaching session, you will have the opportunity to clarify your speaking goals and areas that need improvement. Furthermore, after reviewing your speaking video, your coach will craft your Bespoke Speaking Plan - a tailored action plan to help you target specific areas and methods you can start implementing straight away. 

You’ll then be immersed into a supportive community (you will love the support you receive) of other students with the drive and determination to grow, learn, and contribute. You will start the MasterClass as students…. but you will finish as lifelong friends.

You’ll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about delivering your true message- with tools, techniques, templates, practical steps and invaluable feedback from your coach and peers throughout the 90 day. Our detailed and fully comprehensive 8-module curriculum will give you a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap to your freedom and success as a speaker.  

Each week, you’ll be given a new assignment to complete - and by the end of the 12-months, you’ll have a tool box filled with a set of ‘ninja’ skills, as well as a portfolio of speeches and videos that you would have successfully delivered. 

All along the way, you will continue to receive the 1-to-1 support from your biggest cheerleader and dedicated coach, making sure you’re not falling into old ways of thinking; aiming high and reaching your targets; moving along in the program and achieving the results and making progress as a bold speaker. 


What our students have to say?


Is this you?

  • You are nervous and anxious about speaking to an audience.
  • Want to get over a bad speaking habit that you can’t seem to get rid off.
  • You have a skill, expertise or product that you know will change lives but finding it hard to share and communicate your message.
  • Tired of ‘trying’ on your own but it’s not working.
  • Your lack of confidence is hindering your chances of success.
  • You are confident speaking to an audience but want to learn good habits to enable you to be an efficient clear communicator.
  • You want to drive sales to your business easily and efficiently.
  • You want to be more engaging with your audience.
  • You want to connect authentically to your audience.

If the statements above describe YOU… Public Speaking MasterClass is the perfect solution for you. 

How does it work?


1-2-1 Coaching

 1 to 1 coaching to help your target specific areas.

Group Coaching

Feedback and support of an encouraging community.


Helpful tools and templates, to keep you sharp and focused.

Video Analysis

 Speech critiquing to highlight specific areas of development.

Bespoke Plan

A personalized speaking plan to target your goals and track your progress.

Online Course

Access to Online course: The 7-Pillars of a Powerful M.E.S.S.A.G.E. 

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MODULES 1-7: The Seven Pillars of  Powerful MESSAGE

In Modules 1-7, you will learn the fundamentals of each pillar of public speaking and get a better understanding of how each pillar contributes to you looking, sounding and feeling confident. Every week you will get to practice that specific skills and techniques in class and receive an assignment related to it.

MODULE 8: Presentation and Feedback

In this module, you will get to practice everything you have learned by putting together commercials, value videos and a 10-minute presentation and deliver it to your coach and peers - a safe environment for you to receive valuable constructive feedback, support. 

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You will...

  • accelerate your progress and see results.

  • have a personalized bespoke approached.

  • track your results.

  • receive constructive feedback.

  • have a structured curriculum to guide you.

  • be part of a nurturing support group to cheer you on so you don't feel alone.

  • have tools and techniques that help you become a bold confident speaker. 
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